Maps of Porozow and Environs

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Grodno Gubernia, 1834

Porozow is shown as a red dot on this 1834 map of Grodno Gubernia.

Belarus, 1882

Originally appeared in Blackie & Sons Atlas (Edinburgh, 1882).

Porozow and Surroundings, 1890

This Russian-language map shows towns in the immediate vicinity of Porozow, marked with a red dot.

Grodno Gubernia, ca. 1901

This is a Russian-language map. Porozow is marked with a blue dot.

Russia's Polish Provinces, 1902

From Century Dictionary and Cyclopaedic Atlas, 1902.

Grodno Gubernia, Early 20th Century

Porozow is marked with a blue dot on this Polish-language map.

Porozow, Early Twentieth Century

This map appears to locate the synagogue just under the space between the letters "r" and "o" in "Porozow."

Poland Before 1939

The Bialystok - Grodno - Volkovysk Region is shown in green in toward the top of the map.

Modern Belarus

Porozow isn't visible on this contemporary CIA map, but you can see its neighbor, Volkovysk, just east of the Polish border.

Click on any thumbnail for a larger image.

A map of Belarus that permits you to zoom in on particular regions is available on the Library of Congress website. It shows Wolkowysk and the larger towns in the region, but not Porozow
per se.
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