Porozow Jewish Cemetery

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The Last Jewish Gravestones in Porozow

Not much is left of Porozow's Jewish Cemetery. It sits where it always has, but most of the headstones have disappeared, many having been used after World War II - when there were no longer any Jews left to mourn their dead - to construct the road to Wolkowysk. A few remain, most of them illegible. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Entrance to the Cemetery

Stone 1

Stone 1 - Larger View

Stone 2

Stone 3

Stone 4

Stone 5

Stone 6

Stone 7

Stone 8

Stone 8 - Larger View

Stone 9

All of these photographs except the last one were taken by Stanislaw Grygorowicz in 2008; the photo of stone 9 is earlier, from 1993. Most of the stones are too worn to read, but it is clear that stone 4 was erected in memory of a man named Isaac Yehuda, and that stone 9 belonged to Reb Zvi Yimber Shraga, who "died in his youth on 13 Cheshvan in the year Taf-Resh-Mem-Zayin, may he rest in peace." That translates to November 11, 1886. [Translation courtesy of Shlomit Steinberg and Nati Taboriski].

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