Images of Porozow

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Houses of Worship


The first four images in this gallery were taken by Scott Seligman in 1993. The last five were graciously provided by Porozow native Stanislaw Grygorowicz, who took them in 2006 and 2009. Click on the thumbnail for a larger image.

Orthodox Church, 1993

Former Synagogue, 1993

Detail, former Synagogue, 1993

Catholic Church, 1993

Catholic Church, 2004

Catholic Church Presbytery, 2006

Rear, Former Synagogue, 2009

Rear, Former Synagogue, 2009

Former Synagogue, 2009


Buildings and Townspeople      


The first three images were taken by Scott Seligman in 1993. The last two were taken by Stanislaw Grygorowicz in 2004.


Building near town center

Building near town center

Local ladies after church service

Street between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches

Street Leading to the Catholic cemetary and Villlage of Zapolicze, 2004

Jewish Cemetery


Taken by Scott Seligman in 1993.

Last Jewish gravestone in Porozow

Detail, Jewish gravestone


Houses, Yards and Roads


All but the last image are by Scott Seligman in 1993. The last is the home of the grandparents of Stanislaw Grygorowicz; it was taken in 2004. 


This last gallery contains photos obtained from a vendor in Poland by my fourth cousin Jonathan M. Schwartz, also a son of Porozow, that he has generously shared. All are stamped on the reverse side with what appears to be a postmark from Porozow dated 5.11.37. Whether these photos were all taken in Porozow seems doubtful, and whether they are pictures of Jewish residents or their relatives is unclear. They are included here because of their association with the town. Click on any thumbnail below for a larger image. Should you recognize any of the individuals or scenes, please send an e-mail.


1937 Images With Porozow Markings

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