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The Holocaust spelled the end of the Jews of Porozow. The story is told in the memory book of neighboring Wolkowysk, but other pieces of the puzzle are provided by the report of the Soviet Special Commission and by the tale of an act of kindness on the part of the priest of Porozow. Click on the titles above or below to see the pages that correspond to each source.


The Wolkowysker Yizkor Book


Yizkor books were published in the years following World War II by former residents of European cities and villages as a means of paying tribute to those who had died and recording the events of the Nazi era. Although there is no book about Porozow per se, there are references to it in other Yizkor books, and a full chapter is devoted to it in Moses Einhorn's 1949 work, Wolkowysker Yizkor Book. Both the original Yiddish pages and a translation by Jacob Solomon Berger are included in this website and can be viewed by clicking on the heading of this paragraph.


Special State Commission for the Investigation of Nazi Crimes


Several pages from the report issued by this commission charged with investigating crimes committed by the Germans during their occupation of Soviet areas in 1943-1945 pertained to Porozow. Although the microfilmed images are of poor quality, it is possible to glean some of the story from them. Those images, and translations, are on this website and are available by clicking on the heading of this paragraph.


Yad Vashem Pages of Testimony for Porozow Holocaust Victims

Pages of testimony documenting victims of the Holocaust who were born or lived in Porozow are on file in the Hall of Names as Yad Vashem, Israel's Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority. Submitted by friends and relatives of the victims, they provide biographical data on those who died as a way of preserving their memory. Clicking on the heading of this paragraph will take you to a page from which you can view individual pages of testimony collected from the Hall of Names by the late Lucille Gudis.


The Story of a Jewish-Zionist Community


Katriel Lashowitz published a Hebrew memoir about Volkovysk in Tel Aviv in 1988 titled "Volkovysk: The Story of a Jewish-Zionist Community." Included was a short section on Porozow, which was translated into English and republished by Jacob Solomon Berger. You can read it in either Hebrew or English by clicking on the heading of this paragraph.


Jewish Colonial Trust Assets


Theodore Herzl established The Jewish Colonial Trust to help prepare the Land of Israel for Jewish settlement. Early in the 20th century, the Trust issued shares of stocl, many of which were purchased by people who perished in the Holocaust. Asset holders included 27 former residents of Porozow.


An Act of Kindness by the Priest of Porozow


Kalman Barakin of Bialystok, a Holocaust survivor, hand-wrote 28 pages of testimony in Yiddish in June, 1948 concerning the martyrdom of the Bialystok Jews. As part of his story, he included an account of the acts of a righteous gentile, the Catholic priest of Porozow, who gave refuge to several Bialystok Jews during the German occupation. That account, quoted in a book on the destruction of Polish Jewry, can be viewed by clicking on the heading of this paragraph.


Miscellaneous Holocaust Records


Records of two men from Porozow who were sent to the Auschwitz Concentration Camp but not immediately put to death but forced to work, can be found here. Two elderly women born in Porozow died in hospitals in the Lodz Ghetto; information about them can be found here.


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