Porozover Benevolent Association

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The photos on this page show some (but not all) of the graves in the Porozover Benevolent Society section (Block 50, Gate 667/W) of Old Montefiore Cemetery in St. Albans, New York. They were taken in 2004 and made available for use on this site through the generosity of Madeline and Julian Goodstein. It should not be assumed that all of those interred in this tract are necessarily emigrants from Porozow. Some more recent burials in particular do not appear to be Porozow-related, but it is likely many of the older ones are. The earliest marker shown dates to 1929.


The first image shows the gate to the Porozover section and lists the officers and trustees of the Porozover Benevolent Association at the time the tract was established. They are, as follows:

Y OFFICERS: Sam Lukas, Past President; Harry Ceminsky, President; Abraham Kustin, Vice-President; Israel Koenig, Secretary-Treasurer.

TRUSTEES: Fannie Goldstein; Esther Koenig; Samuel Solomon; Anna Ceminsky; Lowis Nevitsky; Max Freedman; Sarah Freedman; Hyman Shlossberg; Ida Shlossberg; Edward A. Goldstein; Brocha Solomon; Samuel Kaplan; Lillian Kaplan; Morris Levinsky; Lena Levinsky.


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Porozover Benevolent Society Gate

Bilshteyn, Sonia

Ciminsky, Sylvia

Genkin, Alexandr

Gold, May Kaplan

Goldenberg, Khaim

Katsman, Freyda

Koenig, Israel and Esther

Kurlander, Celia

Kurlander, Isidore

Lacher, Ethel and Isadore

Levi, Fred

Levinson, Gittle

Miller, Michelle

Rozhitsky, Leonid

Shmulenson, Leonid Volf

Solnitsky, Hannah

Syrkin, Arkady

Tishler, Raisa

Zipper, Beckie (nee Solnitzky)


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